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Hospital Reputation Management – Why Do Hospitals Need ORM?

by | Nov 12, 2021 | 0 comments

Healthcare tops the list of industries and marketplaces that thrive on a strong public image — and that is why hospital reputation management has become more important than ever.

The surge of numerous online review websites has resulted in dissatisfied patients and customers sharing their experiences wherever they can. Any negative experience gets amplified in the online space and severely jeopardizes the reputation of hospitals. Insurance regulations are also getting stricter towards hospitals with subpar ratings. Ultimately, a bad public image severely dents future partnerships and growth opportunities for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

However, ORM for hospitals could greatly help hospitals maintain a strong online reputation and flourish in today’s marketplace. Continue reading to find out why and how:

Why Should Hospitals Care About Their Online Reputation?

A recent study reveals, on average, 1 out of every 11 patients leave with a bad experience, leading them into posting bad reviews that impact the hospital’s online reputation. Such patients also share their experiences in their social groups and other forums which could stop other potential patient admittees from choosing these hospitals.

Another study reveals that hospitals that prioritize customer satisfaction and proactively address customer grievances in the online space, see a 12% increase in profit returns every year. Now that the “why” is clear, let’s proceed towards exploring the key perks of online reputation management for hospitals:

Top Benefits of Implementing ORM for Hospitals

Online reputation management, one of the hottest buzzwords in today’s digital marketing landscape, can benefit the hospitals in various ways including:

1. Opportunity to Gain a Higher Ranking

Why are more and more companies investing in ORM? Well, it is so that they can be favored by the Google SERPs. It’s no secret that the algorithm shows websites with the highest ratings and positive reviews on top to offer viewers authentic information. Hospitals can eventually gain higher search engine page rankings when searched for on Google by implementing online reputation management for hospitals.

2. Hospitals Can Gain the Trust of Customers

With negative reviews and bad comments all over the internet, it’s getting harder for customers to choose which hospital would provide them with the best quality of healthcare. Building a strong online/public image and positive perception can help hospitals earn their customer’s trust. By analyzing the positive reviews, people will be assured that the facility doesn’t indulge in malpractices and would treat them well.

Hospital Reputation Management — Why Do Hospitals Need ORM?
Hospital Reputation Management — Why Do Hospitals Need ORM

3. Newer Promotional Opportunities

Finally, ORM for hospitals helps hospitals project a clear, strong, and marketable public image. A positive reputation makes it easier for them to promote themselves on various platforms through campaigns, be it online or offline.

Summing It Up

It goes without saying —a good online reputation opens hitherto unexplored new opportunities and helps in customer acquisition. This helps hospitals control their public image and leads to better growth and business opportunities.

If you represent a hospital and wish to learn how AiPlex can help with your reputation management, please drop us a line.


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