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How Important is Online Reputation Management for Brands?

by | Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Compared to personal recommendations, most people prefer choosing a product relying on its online reviews. Thanks to the internet, information spreads pretty fast. The rise of social media has played an important role in speeding up the entire process. Therefore, maintaining your reputation online is crucial to build trust and credibility, and attract new customers.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management refers to the process of monitoring and ensuring a positive perception of your business in the online space. A proper ORM strategy can boost business sales and also improve brand reputation.

Is ORM necessary for businesses?

Any activity, response, or advertisement could help brands either build a great reputation online or bring about a reputational crisis.  Considering the high stakes in the online space, online reputation management has become very crucial for brands. Your customers read about your services before doing business with you. Given this scenario, it is obvious you should look and sound good across the internet and offline.

What is the importance of ORM?

Customer is king and businesses thrive when they have a good customer base. However, if you don’t maintain your reputation online, no customers will come to you.

Benefits of ORM

The key benefits of online reputation management for businesses are:

Boosts Sales

Whenever people intend to buy/hire/use a particular product or service, they research it. They do thorough research to check the brand’s and product’s online reviews. Businesses with negative reviews are bound to lose customers. However, the ones with positive reviews are likely to attract more customers. Hence, businesses that want more sales need to focus on boosting their online reputation. This will help them generate revenues and grow their businesses.

Better visibility on the internet

The competition in the market is very high and attracting the customers’ attention is tough. Therefore, businesses must maintain visibility online. There are several social media platforms through which you can promote your online presence. Being active on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can help your customers find you easily.  Business listings, online directory listings, listings on professional forums, GMB, well‑designed websites, blogs with relevant and excellent content, etc., are a must-have.

Builds trust and credibility

Users can gather any information about a particular brand via online research. One of the best ways to maintain online reputation management is to avoid negative reviews and negative media coverage. A good social listening tool coupled with an excellent ORM partner like AiPlex can help you maintain a pristine and positive online image.  Content marketing that highlights your different services and products, amplifies client testimonials, positive reviews, etc., will build trust and credibility.

Builds brand image

Negative reviews can harm any business in several ways. A review management team should be put in place to address genuine customer issues and mitigate any fallout from negative reviews.  Malicious and slanderous negative reviews by competitors or vested interests should be handled by competent ORM teams. A well-implemented ORM strategy ensures your brand image is positive and credible across the online space.

In conclusion, an online reputation management strategy for a business can bring long-term results. Whenever you are building your business online, you must put your best foot forward. Businesses that have a good reputation are likely to attract more business than those that don’t.  If you are thinking long-term and looking for a partner that can effectively position your brand and the brand reputation in the online space, visit


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