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Online Reputation Management For Medical Colleges

by | Jan 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Indian parents play a significant role in shaping the careers of their children; they go the extra mile to secure their child’s future.

Making their child either an engineer or a doctor is the biggest dream of Indian parents.  Parents who want their kids to be doctors also want their kids to get into the best medical colleges across the nation.

Recent reports show that 82,926 MBBS seats were offered in 541 medical colleges nationwide in March 2020.

Every year thousands of medical aspirants from all over India appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to get admissions. While the top scorers get into the best medical colleges, the remaining students aim to get into other reputed medical colleges to pursue their careers as doctors.

There are over 562 recognized medical colleges in India.  Obviously, parents and students research online before they make any decision on admissions. A strong online reputation for medical colleges is of paramount importance to attract the best students and faculty to your medical college.

Online Reputation Management for Medical Colleges is a serious business!  It helps you attract the best students and faculty from across India and also helps your long-term business growth.

ORM for Medical Colleges - The Why & What.

ORM for Medical Colleges – The Why & What.

Why Is ORM Important For Medical Colleges?

We are living in a world dominated by search engines, online forums, and social media. All the information anybody needs is one click away; thanks to smartphones and laptops. In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to maintain a strong online image to gain a competitive advantage; here’s how it helps:

ORM Saves Your Institute from Defamation Risks: Losing your reputation online comes with severe repercussions nowadays. One negative action/statement could lead to defamation, which isn’t something that looks good on an educational institute. But with online reputation management strategies for your medical college, you can protect your institute’s image and integrity by keeping an eye out on your online footprint and detecting any defamation risks.

ORM Helps You Attract The Best Students & Faculty: Just like how easy it is to lose your reputation online, having a strong image on the web is also a key for attracting the top scorers and the best faculty to your institute.

Before applying for college admissions, students or their guardians always perform in-depth background research of medical colleges. In such cases, when they come across negative student reviews, in-college campus opportunities or academic ranking history; they might not choose your medical college. However, with the right online reputation management strategies for your medical college, you can attract a large number of students.

How Can I Manage My Medical College’s Online Reputation
How Can I Manage My Medical College’s Online Reputation?

Here’s a list of steps that you can take to maintain a cleaner and healthier online reputation:

Don’t Neglect Online Reviews: Whether it’s negative or positive, not responding to online reviews can damage your online reputation. Most of the students and faculty will judge your standards based on the ratings and reviews, so make sure to maintain a good rating and reviews. A study indicates most customers don’t engage with a business or institution whose ratings are lower than 4.

Stay Active on Social Media: Advertise yourself; showcase the academic achievements, infrastructure and other accomplishments of your medical college, keep your audience engaged on the web, post interesting content of students and staff sharing their experiences of being a part of your institution. As more people learn about the positive experience you offer, the stronger your online reputation becomes with time.

Who can help?

Your business is best served while you do what you are good at, i.e., building a globally reputed and respected medical college.  We at AiPlex are well-positioned to take care of the Online Reputation Management requirements of your medical college and we manage online reputation of some of biggest EdTech, Crypto, Fintech, and M & E companies in India. Please drop us a line to know more.

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