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Online Reputation Management For Engineering Colleges

by | Jan 20, 2022 | 0 comments

For parents, especially middle-class Indian parents, their children taking up engineering courses and getting that coveted high-paying IT job is a big dream. So, it’s no wonder that India has more than 6000 plus engineering and technology institutions catering to 2.9 million students in engineering courses.

While top scorers from IIT-JEE examinations get into IITs, RECs and highly-ranked engineering colleges in India, the other students aspire to get into engineering colleges that have the best reviews, best campus placement opportunities, great infrastructure, faculty, etc.

Students, parents or their guardians invariably conduct a lot of online research before shortlisting colleges.

Obviously, it’s imperative for engineering colleges to maintain a good online reputation to attract the best students and faculty.

But what exactly is ORM, and what benefits does your college gain by managing its online reputation? Let’s find out:

Best engineering colleges in India

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation refers to how you or your brand (engineering college) is perceived based on the information found on the Internet.  This includes search results, social media mentions, images, videos, and a lot more.

How does Online Reputation Management for Engineering Colleges Help?

Monitor conversations and mentions surrounding the name of your engineering college in the online space. Remove defamatory content and fake accounts misrepresenting your engineering college.  Manage reviews across the online space. Work on showcasing and populating positive information and writeups about your engineering college.  Build and maintain a positive perception.

ORM will also protect the reputation of your college or institution  against rumours and malicious campaigns.

A good online reputation not only results in sizeable student admissions but also attracts the best faculty and helps business growth.

How Can Online Reputation Management Help My Engineering College?

Here’s a list of ways in which ORM can help your institute:

ORM Helps in Highlighting Institutional Reputation:  Nowadays, applicants or their concerned parents prefer to research colleges and universities online. They select the best colleges based on several factors including, but not restricted to academic ranking, cultural history, campus opportunities, etc.

ORM Helps in Highlighting Institutional Reputation

ORM Helps Build Credibility Amongst Your Target Audience: Once your college ticks most of the boxes, it also gains your audience’s trust and confidence. Result? The institute starts to attract the best students from all over the country.

ORM Helps in Taking Steps against Bad Publicity:  Colleges and institutions are often exposed to controversies, which sometimes could put their very existence at stake. Other than that, negative word of mouth can also stop many students from taking admission to your engineering college. Online reputation management strategies mitigate risks that arise out of bad publicity.

How Can I Adopt ORM Strategies For My College?

While your business is best served while you do what you are good at, i.e., building a globally reputed and respected engineering college, it is always a very good option to sign-up with a validated and capable ORM company such as AiPlex which renders online reputation management services to some of the biggest EdTech, Crypto, Fintech, and M & E companies in India. Please drop us a line to know more.

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