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Online Reputation Management (ORM) For Playschools/Preschools

by | Nov 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Parents give a great deal of thought to which playschool or preschool their child goes to. Things that the parents are worried about are the safety of their child, infrastructure, quality of teachers, syllabus, hours of work, creche facility, after-school child care, etc.

Before deciding on a playschool, 90% of parents research online.

Smartphones, social media, and online review platforms have made it easy for students, parents, and even teachers to voice their experiences, opinions, and thoughts online. Smartphones also make it very easy to take pictures and videos and post it on social media. The search results and the social media space get populated by these reviews and feedbacks.

Negative reviews, feedback, and complaints in the search results will dent the image of your preschool and negatively impact your business prospects.

How does your playschool/preschool center’s (ORM) online reputation management look?

Do you know which forums, blogs, or social media groups the parents talk about your preschool? Are you there where the parents are?

What they see and read online about your playschool will impact how future prospective students and parents perceive your school.

Your online reputation management can impact inquiries, enrolment and retention.

While it is obvious that playschools need to have a great positive online reputation, how to go about with Online Reputation Management for Playschools/Preschools is a question.

To begin with, let us discuss a few things that you should do to build a positive image of your playschool:

  • Monitor: Monitor the conversations around your playschool; set up a social listening team.
  • Social Media: As social media is the most efficient tool for brand awareness and brand building; use it judiciously and strategically.  Select the appropriate social media platform where your target audience is most likely to dwell and go the full nine yards.
  • Respond: Set up a system to attend to reviews; both negative and positive.  Ensure that you have great ratings and reviews.  This will help a great deal in building a positive image for your playschool.

Whom to contact for online reputation management for playschools/preschools?

There is more to online reputation management of playschools/preschools than that meets the eye. In addition to some issues discussed above, uncontrollable events and malignant campaigns could tarnish your online reputation.

A professional ORM company like AiPlex is someone with whom you must collaborate.

The team at AiPlex will monitor your brand mentions across the web, enforce trademark and wordmark, delete defamatory content that violates the community guidelines of different social platforms, manage negative mentions, propagate positive sentiment and build goodwill for your playschool brand.

The crisis management team will guide you if there is a reputational crisis. Drop us a line to know how?


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