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Why Brand Intelligence Is Critical to Your Reputation

by | Sep 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Your brand is “the promise” you make to keep your customer’s loyalty and build their trust. Currently, the threat landscape in the digital space is vast with cybercriminals attacking your brand through typosquatting websites, command-and-control attacks, and data leaks. The consequences of these attacks are not just limited to financial losses but a widespread distrust and loss of credibility amongst the customers.

The security professionals are blindsided and they do not know when or how these cybercriminals plan on launching their next attack. This is because they have zero visibility on the network outside their organization. An effective brand protection solution should prevent cyberattacks altogether instead of trying to locate the ones that have already damaged the brand’s integrity.

Monitoring Isn’t Enough: Just looking out for brand mentions isn’t sufficient to protect your brand from cyberattacks. While brand monitoring is a great tool to identify brand mentions, it is unlike brand intelligence which can shield you from cybercriminals.

The Brand Intelligence Solution

Brand intelligence is an upgrade of brand monitoring because its focuses on surfacing those mentions that are relevant and actionable. Simply put, it strategically highlights those mentions of your products and organization which point out that your brand is potentially vulnerable. This includes leaked data, phishing, and copycat domains. Brand intelligence allows the cybersecurity team to take measures against threats in real-time before they can cause harm to the business.

Features Of  Brand Intelligence Module

Features Of  Brand Intelligence Module

Business Intelligence provides visibility on threats by collecting data through various open and closed sources. It helps brands take down malicious content online and proactively provides context to safeguard against cyberthreats. Further, it helps brands take actions against the following:

  • Domain Abuse: Business intelligence provides alerts about typo squatting and copycat websites as soon as they are registered. Brands can dig deeper into these IDs or domains based on the information provided through the software and initiate a takedown immediately.
  • Data & Credential Leaks: The software processes information from various sites; even from the ones that sell sensitive information. Then it provides instant alerts on any leakages involving your brand.
  • Infrastructure Risk: It helps secure your network by providing alerts on threats concerning your domains and IP addresses.
  • Industry Threats: It helps you safeguard your brand and infrastructure by alerting you about the emerging threats in your industry or on an organization that is similar to yours. This can help you take measures to defend against cybercriminals when you become their next target.

While risk assessment tools like security certificate verifications and financial audits are crucial, they aren’t timely and lack context. But with brand intelligence software, organizations can take preemptive measures to protects themselves against such threats.


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