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    On-site Review Management.

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Online Reputation Management

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    Review Management

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Social Media Branding

    Social Media Channel Creation Management

    Community Building on Social Media

    Social Media Event Calendar Management

Reputation Monitoring

Detailed Sentiment Analysis: Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Detection, Intent-Based Analysis, Aspect-Based Analysis, & Sentiment Histogram Management.

Real-Time Data Monitoring Across the Web: Tracking reputation based on keywords of the brand and the management team on social media, search engines, media sites, news, blogs, and forums.

Competitive Intelligence: Leveraging our big data for Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, & prescriptive analytics, we deploy strategies to improve your brand’s digital health.

Podcast & Webinar Monitoring: We monitor podcasts for brand mentions and keywords related to your business. We also collate speaking opportunities for the leadership and management teams to drive positive engagement.

Customer Review Analysis: We create a dashboard system for Customer reviews, Customer Analytics, Regression Analytics, Performance Measurement & management, & Data Clustering.

Keyword Based Monitoring: Specific keywords are used to understand the brand’s online presence and reputation. Leveraging our in-house tools and based on the reputation monitoring report, we use objective-specific keywords to identify the brand’s problematic areas.

Review Management

On-Site Review Management: We enhance the organic and inorganic visibility & discoverability of your brand by driving relevant upvotes, shares, product reviews, likes, and comments via genuine customers. We also engage with customers’ posts and create a dashboard to escalate and resolve.

Offsite Review Management: We manage interaction, rebuttals, negative feedback, and complaints. We also drive the publishing of organic and inorganic positive reviews and feedback across all managed social media.

Integrated Review Management: We automate the review management process using in-house management tools to increase the impact of our ORM efforts, thus giving us the ability to manage multiple social media platforms from a single console.

Search Protection

We enforce copyright, trademark, and wordmark rights to prevent abuse and misuse of brand keywords. By propagating positive organic content, we ensure that positive and legitimate content appears in the search results. This is done by propagating and publishing positive content such as business writeups, inspiring stories, entrepreneurial journeys, CSR activities, etc., on authoritative and high-traffic media avenues both in the online and offline space.

Search Engine Wipeout Using our antipiracy expertise, we remove unlicensed or defamatory content and optimize search results for positive mentions of the brand. We also reach out to happy customers and get them to write genuine product reviews.

Rich Snippet Authorship and Microformat Compliance: To ensure Google-validated data shows up when your brand is searched, we get respected influencers / reputed academics / parents to write about your products and services in industry-specific forums and boards.

Search Protection

Social Media Branding

Social Media Channel Creation & Management:

Our social media experts create or revamp social media channels to improve the digital health of the brand.

Social Media Branding
Community Building on Social Media:
Building fans, followers, likes, fan clubs, customer engagement, and CRM efforts through:
• Influencer-Led & Community Development Campaigns
• Interactive Management Campaigns to Repair Reputation
• Negative Review Management/Replacement Campaign
Social Media Event Calendar Management:
Creating buzz via objectively specific content such as:
• Influencer-led text, static, video, and gif formats
• Influencer-led Podcasts & Webinars on social media
Targeted Influencers

Our influencer database consists of a variety of influencers, such as celebrities, entrepreneurs, parents, students, philanthropists, educators, photographers, industry-specific experts, models, and more, who have global reach and are constantly creating content for brands across platforms.

Brand Tonality

The voice of our influencers connects with millions each day across platforms.

Crisis/Negative Reviews/ Interaction Management

Crisis Management

Root cause investigation and addressing it with a detailed crisis plan on how to manage the crisis. Establish appropriate responses to media questions and a media strategy. Addressing negative mentions before it becomes a full-blown controversy. AiPlex has removal access and moderator facilities to bring down defamatory or derogatory content on more than 200 hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Daily Motion, etc. Removal of "mobile apps" hosting defaming content across all digital platforms.

Review Management

Managing negative reviews by resolving genuine concerns, propagating positivity, and cross-publishing positivity across relevant third-party sites.

Crisis/Negative Reviews/ Interaction Management

Interaction Management

Addressing bad PR, negative mentions, dissatisfied customers, and their grievances. Microsites: Developing and implementing goodwill campaigns via sites, competitions, memes, and goodies to promote brand image.

How We Remove


We identify the websites where the defaming content has been published. This process would include: Collating a list of websites that have been uploading defamatory content, memes, or comments against the brand. Identification of those websites, social media accounts, and mobile apps that have been sabotaging your brand name. Building a database that would help us identify and bring down such websites in the future.

Defamatory Content

Extraction and Removal
Extraction: Once such websites are identified, our team will proceed to extract websites and links by using search algorithms and keywords. Links from UGC platforms, social media, mobile apps, and websites that defame your brand with misleading information or derogatory comments will also be extracted.
Removal: Removal of defaming content using takedown tools. AiPlex has takedown access and moderator facilities to bring down defamatory content on more than 200 hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion, etc. We also remove "mobile apps" hosting defaming content across all digital platforms.

Once the extracted links are identified, we will then proceed to notify those individuals or entities. Should we not receive an appropriate response from the said individual, we will send them a follow-up email. Should we not receive a response or compliance regarding our follow-up email, we will then notify the website’s hosting service provider to terminate those websites for violations.

Litigation Support

In certain situations where the brand is confronted with belligerent websites, we will be glad to provide the following:

    • Our legal team will be collating all defaming URLs that we have reported to you thus far.
    • All defamatory screenshots will also be provided.
    • All correspondence will also be provided to you.
Such crucial evidence will be useful to engage an attorney of your choice to litigate against such websites.

Personal Reputations Management

A customizable service for acclaimed sportsmen, celebrities, socialites, and public figures. We combat malicious negative publicity, rumour-mongering, leaks of private images, and other acts that could affect your public standing. We monitor your online and social media images. We track news, gossip, and media buzz surrounding your persona. We ensure there is no misuse of your name, image, or brand. We proactively work with you to negate any misrepresentation of facts, scandals, fake news, etc.


Monitoring online reputation across the web using tracking and sentiment analysis tools, mentions of names, usage of images, rankings and visibility of positive and negative content, page authority of content sources, etc.


Deleting negative content (across social engines and other platforms), suppressing any non-removable negative content, and reducing their visibility dramatically.


Removing misrepresentation of facts, malicious negative publicity, rumour-mongering, leaking of private images, scandals, fake news, etc.

Crisis Management
Crisis Management

A comprehensive crisis management plan on how to handle the crisis, knowing whom and how to contact, and doing what needs to be done.

Quick, Responsive, Effective and Sensitive ORM.

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